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At Westcountry Woodworks, Falmouth we can provide a full joinery service including restoration or,  if need be,  replacement of windows and doors with a five-year guarantee. 

For advice or a quote on all joinery projects call us ..07866901846

Sash windows are a unique period feature and possess many distinct advantages in terms of their minimal environmental impact and comparatively low maintenance and installation costs.

  • They were designed to open at the bottom and the top (up to 50%) creating an air-flow system whereby cool air can flow in through the bottom and hot air is drawn out through the top. This minimises condensation build up.  When closed, a brush-pile draught exclusion system can eradicate draughts and dramatically reduce heat loss and energy use.
  • All the components of a sash window are reparable which, when regularly maintained, will extend their longevity (consider this in relation to PVC whose longevity is finite and must be replaced and discarded when defunct).
  • You could also consider upgrading your current single-glazed sash to a double-glazed window thus reducing noise, heat loss and energy costs even further.

Take a look at some of our joinery projects below

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